Association “Traditions, Spirituality, Culture” – Varna

Goals of the organization

The conservation, development, spread and validation of the Bulgarian spiritual and ethnical values and traditions in education and culture.

Field of activity

Arts and culture


Ensuring area of work, support, development and encouragement of children, youngsters and other with interest in folk dancing, singing and playing an instrument.
Ensuring a friendly environment for the teachers in order for them to educate virtues in the young generation through folk arts.

Forms of activity

Organizing and participating in local, national and international programs, competitions and festivals, presentation and promotion of folklore and other art forms.
Organizing mass events of local, regional, national and international level related to the main purpose of the association.
Construction of conception, publishing and distribution of printed materials and opportunities of digital information carriers related to the objectives of the association.
Creation and participation in programs and projects related to the main purpose of the association.
Consulting and teaching.
Folklore performances in Bulgaria and abroad.
Organizing schools, folklore expeditions, exhibitions, fairs, congresses and other mass events associated with the main objective of the association.


Official representative:

  • Nikolay Dimitrov Doktorov – Chairman
  • Dilyana Aleksandrova Kurdova – Organizer, administrator and coordinator of projects

Members of the Board:

  • Associate Professor Marinela Grudeva
  • d.p.s., Nikolay Doktorov
  • Tashka Pavlova


Court registration date: 05 March 2008
Type: Association
Statute: Public benefit registered in the Bulgarian Central Registry No 20080729037


  • Municipality of Varna
  • Directorate “Education”
  • Directorate “Youth activities and sports”
  • Directorate of Culture and Spiritual Development


District: Varna
Town: Varna
Postal code: 9010
Address: kompl. “Chajka” bl.30, entr.B, fl.1, ap.27
Mobile phone: 0889 358053
Telephone (area code included): 052 309609
e-mail: [email protected]