Орфеони вокално – инструментална формация

Youth vocal-instrumental folk formation „Orpheoni“ – Varna

Conductor and director – Nikolay Doktorov

The formation was founded in the beginning of 2003 as an orchestra of Folk formation „Ivan Ivanov“. Not long after that „Orpehoni“ stared its own concert activity. The participants in the formation are at the age of 15-21 and are students at renowned music schools in the country – The Academy for Music Dance and Fine Arts – Plovdiv, the University of Shumen „Episkop Konstantin Preslavski“, the National Arts School „Dobri Hristov“, the National High School of the Humanities „Konstantin Preslavski“, as well as other schools in Varna.

The formation’s repertoire is built of songs and orchestral compositions from most of the Bulgaria’s folk regions. The concert activity is connected with concerts, performed in the resorts of Varna, combined concerts with rock-group „Palace“ – Varna, as well as a participation in the National folk festival in Karditsa, Greece in September, 2004. In November, 2005 a chamber part of the formation performed live in Vaticans at the celebration of Pope Benedict XVI in Vatican City and in December the same year „Orpheoni“ participated in the National Folk Festival in Antalya, Turkey. The formation has a few records and the release of a separate CD is forthcoming.

Since 2006 „Orpheoni“ has joined the program of Initiative for intellect and culture to Youth Center – Varna, more concrete in the development of the „Rodolubie“ series. The program is realized by Municipality Varna, the Bishopric of Varna and Veliki Preslav and the Women Democratic Union.


Conception of the development and activity of Youth vocal-instrumental folk formation „Orpheoni“ – Varna

Conductor and director – Nikolay Doktorov

Folk formation „Orpheoni“ presents performances from different folk areas and works over the reproduction of customs and holidays, participating in the „Rodolubie“ series in the program of Initiative for intellect and culture in Youth Center – Varna.

The participation of „Orpheoni“ in the „Rodolubie“ series, together with Dance-folk formation „Rhythm“ in Youth Center, includes the elaboration of themes and thematic series, meant for introducing the Bulgarian folk inheritance to the children and the youth people. This gives the participants in the formation the possibility of enriching their music culture in the field of folklore and getting a closer look at the Bulgarian traditions – kept unadulterated till today. This, to a great extent, will contribute to the overall development of the musicians into connoisseurs, keepers and propagators of the genuine pure Bulgarian folklore.

The main aims of Folk formation „Orpheoni“, exactly before the admission of Bulgaria into the EU, are preserving the national identity and the national spirit of the Bulgarian people and setting the place of the Bulgarian folklore among the European arts.

The succession, this so valuable and unalterable part of the development of the Bulgarian folklore, is in the basis of the creation of the formation’s style. The reproducing of every one custom gives the performers the possibility of both touching the authentic by being closer to the people who kept and preserved the folk traditions and handing down this knowledge to their listeners.
…The route to the future starts in the past and goes through the present. Lets create an indestructible connection between the youth generation and the Bulgarian folklore, in which our teachers – the masters of the folk melody and song – made us believe and continue with strong Bulgarian spirit and dedication!