Kaval playing lawn

Kaval playing lawn (2013)





Description Concert-gathering meeting between students of folk instrument “flute” and best kaval players of different generations of Bulgaria.
Purpose Project to promote youth creativity. Combat growing moral degradation among youth.
Type of event Concert-council meeting
Participants (target group) 80 students from “Anton Strashimirov” NGHNI “Konstantin of Preslav” and NUI “Dobri Hristov” studying flute folk instruments.
Teachers (trainers) Mathieu Dobrev Nedialko Nedialkov Nikola Kostov, Georgi Ivanov, Ivan Bogoyev Stoyan Razdelski and Vladimir Velichkov and others.
Duration 4 months – July – October 2013
Venue Varna town
Hall “Varna”, Municipality of Varna, concert hall “Youth House” scene “Odayata”, Ecopark Varna (Botanical Garden).
Events (program)
  • July – Preparing the students involved.
  • 06.08.2013 – Press conference of the organizers guests and participants in the project. Hall “Varna”, Municipality of Varna, 11.00.
  • 15/07/2013 – “A story about life, achievements and experiences” “Youth House”, 10.00. – Discussion – (free entry)
  • 07.08.2013 – “Evening of kaval art” (instrumental performances of students and guest musicians in the project). Scene “Odayata” 19.00h. (free entry)
  • 16.07.2013 – “Gala concert of students and masters.” Scene “Shell”, 11.00. (free entry)
  • 19.10.2013 – “Concert of students’ award winners,. “Concert” hall of the Youth Center, 10.00. (free entrance)
Partners Ecopark Varna (Botanical Garden)


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