Пендари инструментална фолклорна формация


Pendari Folk Formation was founded in 1990 in Varna. From the very foundation of the formation its main purpose was preserving and enriching the pure folk melody and song using traditional folk instruments like bag pipe, rebec, kavalк, mandoline, kettle-drup, accordion etc. All the people from the formation not only play their musical instruments but also sing. The repertoire of the formation inludes songs and dances from all the folk areas specific to Bulgaria. The formation has carried multiple concerts in France, Germany, Italy, Greece and other countries. It has released three own albums and has taken part in a lot of live TV and Radio broadcasts. The conductor of the orchestra is Mr. Nikolay Doctorov and the vocal conductor is Mrs Teodora Maneva.

Concert program

Pendari Folk Formation

  1. Introduction – traditional concert initiation with round loaf and wooden wine vessel
  2. „Liliano Mome“ – slow melody
  3. „Varnensko horo“ – a dance from the Varna region
  4. A bloom from Dobrudja:
    • „Blaze ti Galiu“ – a dance from Dobrudja district
    • „Snoshti Damian“ – a dance from Dobrudja district
    • „Dolu na megdana“ – a dance from Dobrudja district
  5. „Tracian dance“ – orchestra
  6. Bag pipe animation – a solo musical demonstration with a bag pipe
  7. A bloom from Pirin:
    • „Domakine spi da piem“
    • „Ai da idem Yano“
    • „Kitchitze, kitchitze“
    • „Bre vodenichariu“
  8. „Paidushko horo – orchestra“
  9. Animation “shinitzi” and a demonstration of the Dobrujan tradition „Zasevki
  10. „A bloom from Strandja“
    • „Manda maika si dumashe“
    • „Muri Velichko“
    • „Edna e Manda“
  11. „Krivo sadovsko horo“ – a traditional dance performed by the orchestra
  12. „A bloom from Shopluka“
    • „Ogriala e mesechinka“
    • „Teften Kate“
    • „Chichovite konia“
  13. „Animation of bulgarian folk dances“
    • „Paidushko“
    • „Ruchenitza“
    • „Djinovsko“
  14. „A bloom from Rodopi“
    • „Rufinka“
    • „Dve po pet stotini“
    • „Ripni Kalinke“
  15. „Wood lark“ and „Vlashko horo“ (orchestra + vocal)
  16. „Na surce mi leji mila mamo“ – a song from northern Bulgaria
  17. „Eleno mome“
  18. A bloom from Tracia
    • „Kara Kolio“
    • „Stara maika tocheshe“
    • „Kolio mamin Kolio“
    • „Trugnala e Ruma moma“
  19. Shopski final block
  20. „Pravo horo“

Total duration: 2 hours